Koh Mak Island

The Pearl of Thailand

                                                                   Coco Cape - Koh Mak



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Sixteen kilometers of pristine  beaches, a crystal clear sea  abundant of coral and multicolor fish, all immersed in a spectacular frame of tropical vegetations. It's easy to understand that Koh Mak Island is a "Masterpiece" .

If that's not enough, the Sunday Times ( the famous English magazine ) included Koh Mak in the classified of  the "Top 10's secret beautiful place in the world".


                           Holiday Beach Resort - Koh Mak


Description of the Island

Koh Mak is an island predominantly  flat, with internal hills 150 mts above sea level.  These characteristic make the island easy to explore by walking or bicycle.

The island belongs to the archipelago of Koh Chang, the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. The archipelago incorporates more than a hundred islands varying in shape and size. Many of these are uninhabited and include the Koh Chang National Marine Park.

The 360 inhabitants of Koh Mak are involved in fishing activities and also in the coconut and rubber plantations.  Tourism had only just started.

With  several kilometers of white sandy beaches and a crystal clear sea rich with marine life, a  fantastic rain forest and tropical vegetation that cover the 90% of the island, Koh Mak can be considered one of the Last Paradise in Thailand.


                                                                 Beach of the Koh Mak Resort


The fortune of Koh Mak

Luckily  the island has been saved from uncontrollable development because 300 years ago it was sold by the King Rama V to an aristocratic family that used Koh Mak only for coconut and rubber production. This  has allowed Koh Mak to remain uncontaminated, retaining all its natural beauty.

Economic develop in Koh Mak: The economic development of the island  started a few year ago with the construction of the first resorts and immediately gained favor with the new inhabitance, not only for his beauty, but also for the following reasons:

1) Proximity to Bangkok: Safe, double lane  roads connect Bangkok to Trat making access to the connecting boat services to the island simple and easy. The trip, only 280 km traveling at an average speed of 100 km  an hour, takes three and a half hours.

2) Trat Airport: The new airport of Trat, 40 minutes flight from Bangkok, is only 10 minutes away from the pier.

c) New Speed Boat: The new speed boat allow you to reach the island in only 45 minutes. The alternative is the  romantic slow boat that take 3 hours and ambles through the marine wonderland.


                                                    Ao Phra Bay  - Koh Mak


Koh Mak - A controlled development : The families that owns  90% of the Island are resolute to support a controlled and gradual development, preserving the natural beauty of Koh Mak. An official regulation controls  building design on the island (no more than 3 floor allowed).  Go Go Bar, the use of the dangerous jetsky  and other  activities opposed to the ideology of the island are been enforced.  These rules are designed to preserve the natural heritage of the island and to develop in the direction of the  "Ecoturism" .

The idea is to create a small paradise where it is possible to visit or live with the entire family, enjoying a pleasant holiday in  harmony with nature.

Government engineers had already developed a trekking and bicycle route that allow  exploration of the entire island.

The absence of  traffic (only the resorts and a few residents own  cars ) and Jetsky, and the characteristics of the coast line, with its beautiful shallow beaches make Koh Mak an ideal place for people and families to enjoy their holidays in a relax and safe environment.


                                   Coco Cape Resort - Koh Mak


Koh Mak and the others small island in the  marine reserve are perfect for snorkeling, diving and fishing  and this making Koh Mak a great destination also for the young generation.

The pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that it's possible to breathe on the Island, also thanks to the several bars and restaurants allowing you  to eat delicious Thai and European cuisine, and spent every night with the company of new friends.

The dimension and characteristics of the island, (only 280 km from Bangkok in compare the 700 Klm to Koh Samui and 1000 Km to Phuket). The new airport of Trat and the fact it has been included in the  Sunday Times top ten destinations,  leads us to believe that Koh Mak will became one of the most exclusive place in all Thailand,

...... "The Pearl of Thailand".


                                               Koh Mak Resort Pier


Koh Mak is the perfect place to visit or live. Where is possible to spend a wonderful holiday in contact with nature in an exclusive place faraway from the other commercial  tourist destination of Thailand.

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