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General Information            

Thailand is the only country in south-east Asia that has never know foreign colonization. It's situated in the centre of the Indochina peninsula between Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia in the north, and Malaysia in the south.

Climate: The climate is tropical with temperatures between 25 and 34 degree C. The dry season is from October to May, and the wet season is from June to September. The weather in Thailand is regulated by the "monsoon", but the latitude of Thailand is out of any cyclonic area. The climatic condition are perfect for  lush rain forests, especially in the islands and in the north of the country. No vaccination are requested or suggested to visit the country.

National Park: In the last 40 years Thailand has created many national parks for the protection of the environment. The number of these protected areas are constantly increasing and represent 15.6% of the territory. This percentage  make Thailand one of the country that has the most protect natural heritage.

Institutional Asset: Thailand is a constitutional monarchy; presiding over  the country is  King Rama IX. According to the constitution of  1997 the legislative power belongs to a parliamentary named National Assembly. Thailand is member of ONU, ASEAN, APEC e WTO.

Population: The country is very homogeneous under the ethnic and cultural profile.  Ninety nine percent of the population are Thai, are Buddhist  and speak Thai. In Thailand there are also some ethnic minorities in the north of the country.

Safety of the Country: There are no books or travel guides that don't say "Thailand is the land of smile". It has been the catch phrase for a number of years. Being Buddhist, what is done in this life time will reflect in the next, this philosophy enables the people to live peacefully. This way of being is also carried over to all aspects of everyday life resulting in a very safe and enjoyable experience when visiting  the land of smiles..

Bangkok: Krung Thep, " The city of Angels" has around 10.000.000 people but compare with the other city of the South-East Asia the standard of living in Bangkok is one of the best in  Asian.

For this reason Bangkok was nominated " The Best City in the World 2008 ", Travel + Leisure.     Clik here for read the article


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Thailand Economy

The Economic Miracle: From the beginning of the 19th century, Thailand has developed a commercial system able to export all around the world (rise, rubber, teak wood and tin ). In the 1970s, the country decided on a path of  modernization. So, the money from  agricultural export and  foreign investment, attracted by the low cost of the material and of  labour, allowed the industrial growth of the country. The GDP grew by 13%  between 1970 and 1991. From the 1990s,  the growth  was stimulated by massive foreign investment (+113% in 1993).

The economic crisis of 1997: In 1997 Asian market was affected  by a financial  crisis. Thailand was one of countries involved, but the effect of the crisis did not affect the economic and industrial system of the country. The depreciation of the Bath (local money) increased export potential and  foreign investment. Consequently,  Thailand was the first country of South-East Asia to relinquish its need for  international help.  Immediately after the crisis Thailand had a growth of 13% a year like other Asian Dragons (Cina - Hong Kong - Singapore  Taiwan).

The growth is now stable around 7-8% a year and confirms the potential of the country.

The Baht (local money) is one of the most stable and appreciating currency in South-East Asia (+14%  against the $US dollar in the last year).


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Estate Market: Due to massive foreign investment and the economic growth of Thailand in the last 20 years there has been a big improvement in the real estate market. In Bangkok the increase in house construction has tripled. This development  expanded to all major city and tourist destinations in the country.

Recent study of the real estate market  show that the increase of  house price in the last years in Thailand is around 20% - 30% a year. A trend that does not seem to be decreasing and that according to an market analyst there is no reason for this to change until  2012.

Tourist Sector: The worlds tour operators discovered Thailand in 1970. At present with 12 million tourist each year, a percentage that is  also growing constantly,  tourism has  become a solid and important economic sector  that represents  alone the 20% of the GDP of the country.

A PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) opinion poll found  that 9% of the  western travelers think that Asia is the ideal destination for an holiday. The poll revealed that Thailand is the Asian country most requested. Estimated revenue for the 2009 is expected to top 13 billion dollar. Compare the expectation of this poll with the 8 billion dollar registered in 2003 it's easy to understand that the tourist sector is growing by around 60% in only 5 years.


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Why Invest in Thailand ?

3200 Klm of tropical beaches and one of the most beautiful sea in the world  are just two  good reason to plan a trip, but this alone does not explain why every year thousands of foreigners decide to live and invest in Thailand. For the  answer to this question it's necessary to analyze all the factors that made the country so attractive:

Investment and affluence of foreigners: The low cost of the prime material, labour and it's general the cost of living,  have convinced many foreign companies to invest in Thailand. These investments gave the economic impulse to the country and increased it's general welfare, determined the massive  affluence of foreigners. This migration has changed the development of the country, helping it to modernize. This has happened in  less than 10 years.

Also Bangkok is a metropolis modern and cosmopolite, not without it's problems, but manages and well organize for its 10,000000 inhabitants. One of the first continental Asiatic metropolis that has a "skytrain", underground and  shopping centers able to make jealous any European cities.

Service and Infrastructure - Instruction and Sanity: Another affect of the foreigners affluence is that Thailand had developed one of the best educational and health system in Asia. Only Bangkok has hundreds of International Schools and University, and dozens of  top quality International Hospitals.

Cost and quality of life: In a country were the monthly income is around 160 US a month and were the cost of living is related to that  income. It's easy to understand that a foreign with 1.500 US a month can have a quality of life much better than in the west.

The Herald Tribune wrote in an article of April 2008 that more investors are thinking of investing in Thailand due to the continuous  economic growth of the country.   Click here for read the article


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In conclusion, an open approach to foreigners investors, and one of the most peaceful races in the world, make Thailand a country for the future. Able to offer, both tourist or investors, everything they need.

Only in Thailand it's possible to have it all, quality of life, economical and  political stability. Beautiful topography, warm climate and peace loving people. Each year thousands of western come to invest or live in this country. Here people can have a better  life style than they might have in there own western country.


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